quien somos

Estefany Londoño (she/her) is a reproductive justice organizer, educator, language interpreter, and sociologist. Estefany is a queer Queens-born Colombian woman who believes life is for learning and that pleasure is the best form of resistance.

Carlos Torrealba (he/him) is a Mexican-American queer climate justice organizer based out of Orlando, Florida. His work leans heavily on not only building local alternatives but also linking them to regional, national and international movements of decolonization, feminism, and Anti-neoliberalism. He currently serves as a board member of Black and Pink, a queer/trans led prison abolition organization; along with other local and regional community advisory boards on sustainability and local transit.

Aminta Zea (she/her) a Nicaraguan-Palestinian sociologist and journalist who has covered internationalist social movements for the past four years. Currently based out of Mexico City, the gamut of her work explores agroecology, food sovereignty, self determination, and identity within Latin American diaspora groups.

to be a communist in empire is to intimately experience betrayal, and yet, remain persistent and relentless.

lo eterno is a mixed-media platform, planted with the desire to honor the spirit of collaboration and resilience. the primary intention is to capture the verdure which is so vital in the construction of a new world. 

capitalism systemically creates contradiction and so, we find ourselves contending with our own inconsistencies. we are under a chronic disorder marked by grief, also accompanied by a clairvoyant insight that is unapologetically human. through a marxian scientific analysis, we wade through uncertainty with confidence reified by historical memory. 

here, we contend with the present with the use of archives, visuals, text, and audio in order to demonstrate what western media obscures. lo eterno is an affirmation of our humanity, collective liberation, and an acceptance of our multitudes.

revolutionary farmers in nicaragua, c. 1980. credit: aminta zeastreet graffti in managua, nicaragua. credit: aminta zea
detroit, michigan, usa. 2018. credit: aminta zealeila khalid print, spray paint on fabric. credit: aminta zea


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