lo eterno is a femme-led mixed-media collective, planted with the desire to honor the spirit of collaboration and resilience. Our organization differs from others not only in our dedication towards an interationalist media but also in our lived experiences as young, femme, LGBT+, BIPOC creators with the ultimate goal of connecting communities and operating as a radical bridge which transcends geographical boundaries.

Operating with the intention to capture the verdue, joyfulness, sorrow, and ultimately, the struggle of contemporary social movements, we aim to broadcast, with transparency and verdity, a diverse range of narratives. Contending with the failure of mainstream coverage surrounding social movements in the Global South, we respond with the radical use of archives, visuals, text, and audio to build internationalism and solidarity. lo eterno, fundamentally, stands as an affirmation of our humanity, collective liberation, and an acceptance of our multitudes.

worldwide ☭