las quien defienden la tierra: resistencia en quito en el marco del neoliberalismo // those who defend the land: resistance in quito against the backdrop of neoliberalism

aminta zea


The following is a photojournalism archive which documents the historic paro nacional which occured in Quito, Ecuador from June 13th to June 30th in 2022. The strike operated as a direct form of resistance and struggle to the violent neoliberal regime currently upheld by Guillermo Lasso, whose economic policies resulted in a massive price gouging of basic consumer goods and fuel. 

Lasso’s government lashed out against thousands of protestors, many of whom marched from rural areas of the country with the intention of defending their soverignty, wellbeing, and human rights. Tension marked each corner, however for each miltary police stood hundreds of militant protestors who placed their bodies and souls on the front line in order to defend their land and people. 

This photo gallery intentionally focuses on the resistance invoked by women, both Indigenous and Mestize.

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